SAPTHAK, a classical music organization founded by Smt. Geetha Hegde and Sri G.S. Hegde, was born out of their deep devotion to classical music and became a registered charitable trust on 06-05-2006.


Ever since its establishment, it has been successful in achieving its goals through several positive activities. In recent years, it has been expanding its activities outside Bangalore as well. Using its limited sources, earned through the patronage of music lovers, by the virtue of the good work done, Sapthak has been serving significantly, for the last three and a half decades, not only music lovers, music students, organizers of music programmes, music schools and musicians, but other art forms too.


SAPTHAK – a brief summary of its activities so far

  • A well- equipped auditorium with seating capacity 150-200 in the second floor of their sweet home, “SUSHRAVYA” has been built. So far, more than 48 programmes have been organized here.

  • More than 41 concerts by young, upcoming artists and professional artists have been conducted.

  • So far, 5 workshops have been arranged by experts in the field, for the benefit of music students.

  • Twenty achievers in the field of music and other art forms including music teachers, singers, instrumentalists and event organizers have been honored.

  • Annual Scholarships to the tune of Rs. 90,000/- have been given away for eligible meritorious students of music.

  • Financial assistance worth Rs. 50,000/- has been provided so far to needy artists during times of emergency

  • In an attempt to encourage other art forms, 10 Yakshagana programmes have been arranged


An important point to be noted is that the entry to all the programmes are free of cost, which is widely appreciated.


Apart from the successful journey undertaken to meet its seven objectives, Sapthak is busy in organizing other cultural programmes such as “Guruvandana, Baithak, release of CD/DVDs of classical music thereby trying to convey the important role of music in our life. It has also been extending helping hand to cultural organizations, rendering financial assistance or help in the form of musical instruments to students of music.


The founders of this organization, Smt. Geetha Hegde and Sri G.S. Hegde, gratefully remember and acknowledge the valuable help extended by their son, Shri Dhananjay Hegde, a classical music singer himself, Mrs. Pratima Hegde, their student and daughter-in-law, large numbers of their students, music-lovers, charitable Trusts, and Government of Karnataka, in successfully carrying out the goals of SAPTHAK.apthak is dedicated to promoting Hindustani classical music and other cultural activities. The dream of our organization is to achieve the seven objectives like the seven Swaras of music.




To provide a platform for budding and upcoming artistes

To organize concerts of renowned artistes and music maestros

To encourage the needy , but talented students of classical music by awarding scholarships

To promote classical music learning by conducting lecture and demonstration workshops by eminent scholars

To honour senior musicians, music teachers and organisers of indian classical arts

To extend a helping hand to elderly musicians by providing them financial assistance

To join hands with other institutions to organize music concerts of renowned artistes


Sapthak was born on 6th May 2006 and has registered as a charitable trust and since its inception we are able to achieve many mile stones in a short period of 7 years.




Here are the few highlights of our 7 years journey in the world of music and other cultural activities. We have built  a beautiful concert hall with all the aminitities required for a programme, on the second floor of our house, “ Sushravya” which has a capacity to accommodate about 200 audiences. Organized number of music concerts by budding, upcoming, wellknown and outstanding musicians from all over the world Conducted workshops at the Sapthak sabhangana for the benefit of students and music lovers. Felicitated senior music maestros,Music teachers,Yakshagana Artistes and organisers  of cultural events to honour their contribution to music and other arts and its upliftment. Encouraged needy and talented students by awarding scholarships to the tune of Rs.82,000/- per year. Helped senior musicians by offering medical aid to the extent possible. Encouraged other art forms and introuduced them to music lovers by organizing  “ Talamaddale”  “ Nudinamana”  “Nada nudi yaksha namana” programmes. Celebrated  Gurupurnimas  every year by arraging concerts at Sapthak sabhangana to inculcate Guru Shishya Parampara and also to prepare them to give public performances. Organized many Baithaks with the intention of providing public platform for upcoming talented young artistes. Released audio cd  “ Ragantaranga “ and  “ Rag Ki Rang” by Pt.Venkatesh Sharma  under our banner. Organized  Prahara based  ( Time based ) concerts to emphasize  the importance of “Gana Samay” of classical ragas.






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